Question of the Day Pt. 1: What was your favorite project and why?

I’m going to start something new. A “Question of the Day”. I’m going to take questions from people who read my blog, “like my Facebook page” or from Twitter and answer one each day or as I receive them.


My favorite project in school was in my Adobe Illustrator class.  The assignment was to create a flyer/poster for an event at the zoo called “Twilight at the Zoo.”  What I did was draw a photo of a koala bear and put it inside of a shooting star.  It was all vector based art using Illustrator (one of my favorite programs).  I’ll have to post a picture at a later date.  It was one of my first design projects!


This one was hard to pick because I havedone so many different things at all of my jobs, but I will pick one of the most recent ones.  I got the opportunity to design a local business’s outside monument sign.  It’s a store called “World, Wines & Liquors’.  I drew a bunch of grapes and some vines and added there name to the signage.  I drive past it everyday and I still have to turn my head and look at it!


Okay I can’t narrow this down to one, just can’t.  There are so many things that I have done and have enjoyed designing!  I love working with Photoshop and manipulating pictures.  I loved working on the pink and black wedding invitation, I was very pleased with the turnout and so was the bride.  I also enjoyed working on the bridal shower invitation with the tea party theme.  There’s not a project or job I’ve done that I don’t feel proud of when it’s complete.  If I’m not happy with something, I will work on it and tweak it till I’m 100% satisfied.  I’m a perfectionist and cannot rest till I know that something is done right and I can put my name on it!

~The Graphic Diva

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My dad is my inspiration.  He was a very creative and unique person.  He always pushed for me to be creative and try and look at things in a different way.  No matter what I did, he was always proud and always willing to help me. I still strive to make him proud.  He had a love for photography and every chance he got he’d be out taking pictures of nature.  I was very proud of him too and it made me feel good to watch him do something that made him so happy.  Graphic design to me is like photography to my dad.  It’s my peace, a way to express myself.


~The Graphic Diva

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Welcome to the Graphic Diva Design blog! Here I will keep you up to date with my projects. Current and past. I will try to post daily with new projects that I take on. In addition to that, I will try to post personal things like what inspires me to do what I do, tips, tricks and things of the like.  So I hope you follow along with my journey to start my own business!

~The Graphic Diva

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