Question of the Day Pt. 1: What was your favorite project and why?

I’m going to start something new. A “Question of the Day”. I’m going to take questions from people who read my blog, “like my Facebook page” or from Twitter and answer one each day or as I receive them.


My favorite project in school was in my Adobe Illustrator class.  The assignment was to create a flyer/poster for an event at the zoo called “Twilight at the Zoo.”  What I did was draw a photo of a koala bear and put it inside of a shooting star.  It was all vector based art using Illustrator (one of my favorite programs).  I’ll have to post a picture at a later date.  It was one of my first design projects!


This one was hard to pick because I havedone so many different things at all of my jobs, but I will pick one of the most recent ones.  I got the opportunity to design a local business’s outside monument sign.  It’s a store called “World, Wines & Liquors’.  I drew a bunch of grapes and some vines and added there name to the signage.  I drive past it everyday and I still have to turn my head and look at it!


Okay I can’t narrow this down to one, just can’t.  There are so many things that I have done and have enjoyed designing!  I love working with Photoshop and manipulating pictures.  I loved working on the pink and black wedding invitation, I was very pleased with the turnout and so was the bride.  I also enjoyed working on the bridal shower invitation with the tea party theme.  There’s not a project or job I’ve done that I don’t feel proud of when it’s complete.  If I’m not happy with something, I will work on it and tweak it till I’m 100% satisfied.  I’m a perfectionist and cannot rest till I know that something is done right and I can put my name on it!

~The Graphic Diva

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Carrie, The Graphic Diva, has been recently descreibed as creative, fun, artistic, enthusiastic, organized, outgoing, , meticulous, genuine & reliable, kind hearted, Extraordinary, Perfectionist, detail oriented, dedicated, Life saver who’s fresh ideas are precise, and always able to meet the needs of the client. She’s also been labeled as a bubbly fun-loving person who LOVES the color Purple!
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